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Zenerom has emerged as one of the top lead generation agencies, which is an arduous task with consistent hard work and diligent efforts. We employ systematic strategic techniques comprising traditional and modern marketing techniques like Google ads, social media, content marketing, SEO, email marketing etc to generate authentic and quality leads. Our industry knowledge and expertise transform your brand into a trusted and esteemed authority. Our history of success record exhibits undeniable evidence of proficiency in lead generation—cop up with us to craft a story of victory.

Why should Zenerom be your ideal choice for lead generation?

Zenerom has full potential to deliver outstanding results that stick with the latest trends and technologies for lead generation services in Dubai. We build transformative solutions for your business that could bring quality leads and help the company grow significantly. Our lead-generation tactics cultivate innovative approaches that help your business become a hallmark of success. 

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2000 AED

Basic Plan

Campaign – 4
Ad budget spent upto 1000-1500 AED
Google Display ads 1
Google Search ads 1
Facebook or insatgram lead generation Ads Campaign – 1
Facebook or instagram reach ads 1
Facebook buisness manager setup
Conversion Tracking
ROI Analysis
Landing Page Optimization
Reports – Monthly
Dedicated Account Manager
Support – Email, Chat,call


3500 AED

Standard Plan

Campaign – 7
Ad budget spent upto 3000-4500 AED
Google Display ads 1
Google Search ads 1
Facebook or instagram lead generation ads 1
Facebook or instagram reach ads 1
Snapchat ads -1
Ticktok ads -1
Video ads -1
Facebook buisness manager setup
Remarketing List
Conversion Tracking
Ad Copy Optimization
ROI Analysis
Landing Page Optimization
Dedicated Account Manager
Support – Email, Chat , call


5000 AED

Advanced Plan

Campaign- 10
Ad budget spent upto 5000AED above
Google Display ads 1
Google Search ads 1
Facebook or instagram lead generation ads 1
Facebook or instagram reach ads 1
Snapchat ads -1
Ticktok ads -1
Video ads -1
Linkedin ads -1
Video ads -1
Youtube ads -1
Conversion Tracking
Remarketing List
Conversion Tracking
Ad Copy Optimization
ROI Analysis
Landing Page Optimization
Dedicated Account Manager
Support – Email, Chat ,call

Our Process

How We Exicute

How we are helping businesses to generate high quality leads in Dubai?


Capturing Prospects

One of the crucial and initial aspects of lead generation is to obtain clients. After capturing the prospects, we can captivate them with numerous strategies and approaches through various channels via programmatic ads, linkedin ads, social media ads, etc.


Lead Management

Modifying materials to prospects’ needs and interests is achieved through crafting a well-thought-out plan. Consistent communication and follow-ups have to be maintained throughout to retain their attention until the circumstances align and they officially sign up.


Evaluating Each Lead

Determining the worth of each lead is an essential procedure in the lead generation process. Through this, businesses can select the most promising leads and concentrate their efforts on those with the best chance of converting by doing a lead assessment.


Routing the Acquired Lead

A lead must be identified and validated before being seamlessly sent to the sales team for further engagement and conversion. Businesses can maximise their sales effort and raise their chances of closing agreements by providing leads to the sales team in a timely and organised manner.


Continuously Evaluating and Refining.

Our lead generation process in UAE constantly experiments with and improves strategies to acquire and convert new leads. The iterative process enables us to make data-driven decisions and maintain growth and success in a changing business climate


Google ads

Reach out to your target audience at the right moment and acquire quality leads. Our PPC campaigns are highly targeted and result-driven that provide exceptional ROI. We have collaborated with clients from diverse industries who achieved their business goals. To embark on a successful digital journey, join Zenerom today.

Lead Generation Services in Dubai | Lead Generation Companies in UAE

Social Media ads

With proper strategy and innovation, we evolved as the best advertising agency in Dubai. Zenerom takes immense pride in being Dubai's best social media marketing agency with our unique social media processes that help amplify your brand's message to millions. The videos, photos, or even creatives we use are of the finest quality that promotes worthwhile engagements. Our captivating storytelling methods have helped clients to be at the top of their field by yielding tremendous sales.

LinkedIn ads

Linkedin provides vast opportunities for businesses and brands worldwide. Zenerom has built a successful outcome from Linkedin marketing services to various clients for many industries. As the leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, we can assist you in identifying the correct audience and keeping an eye on how your business is being talked about on social media.

Twitter ads

Twitter is a dynamic platform that provides meaningful connections and quality leads for your business by performing Twitter marketing services beyond tweeting and sharing images. It is essential to grasp your business goal and create social media presence to adhere to it.

Snapchat ads

Zenerom is an acclaimed Snapchat marketing agency in Dubai that crafts unique and customised ads for younger demographics. It is also recommended to allocate some portion of your digital marketing budget to Snapchat.

Tik-Tok ads

Tik tok is a vibrant social media platform to create, share and explore short videos that are entertaining and informative. Zenerom, the best digital marketing agency in Dubai, utilises this platform to help businesses tap into unexplored territories that reap prosperous developments.

Instagram and Facebook ads

These have become an essential tools for companies trying to increase engagement in the digital world and attract a larger audience. Our team of competent digital marketers and creative specialists work together to provide visually appealing and meaningful ads that grab attention, spark interest, and inspire action.

Best Social Media Marketing Companies in Dubai | SMM Agency in Dubai

Media Buying ads

Even Though we emerged as the best digital marketing agency in UAE, Our foundation lies in the art of traditional marketing, with our expertise and skills that ensure the client's needs are met. Confide in us for managing the complexities of today’s marketing domain and propel in the business.

Digital Marketing Agency Dubai | Digital Marketing Company in Dubai

Programmatic ads

The implementation and optimisation of digital marketing campaigns have been altered by programmatic advertising. One of its main advantages is the capacity to make intelligent targeting and optimisation decisions by utilising enormous volumes of data

SEO Company Dubai | SEO Services Dubai | Zenerom UAE


As a well-known B2B lead generation company in Dubai, we bring valuable leads by understanding the unique challenges. We prioritise ensuring that the information generated possesses the desired quality level.


Zenerom, a reputable B2C lead generation company in Dubai, has a portfolio of approaches that are executed skillfully and consistently. With the careful operation of these strategies, we can help you drive notable outcomes and capitalise on your industry.

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" The lead generation strategies have been remade with the help of lead generation professionals from Zenerom. Their specialised approaches have altered our company by recurrently generating quality leads. The staff is competent and incredibly attentive in giving insightful information. We also approached Zenerom for branding services, and our business created a powerful and unified brand identity; the skills they portrayed in developing branding strategy and design were incredible. The team at Zenerom spent time learning about our company's objective and target market, which led to creating a brand that accurately reflects who we are. "
Sunil Mishra


Jithin George

Digital Marketing Consultant – Partner


Tech & Automation Specialist


Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

Delina Dennis

Digital Marketing Strategist


Lead generation is essential for your company since its fuels expansion and profitability. The business needs to grow its customer base and boost sales with a steady flow of qualified leads. You can find and interact with potential clients who have expressed interest in your goods or services through lead generation. You can turn leads into paying customers by gathering their contact information and guiding them through sales.

Lead generation can significantly help your business in a number of ways. In the beginning, it aids in locating and connecting with prospective clients who are genuinely interested in your product and services. Concentrating your marketing efforts on them may boost the likelihood that these qualified leads will become paying customers. This increases sales and revenue for your company. Effective lead generation can accelerate your company’s expansion, raise brand recognition, and encourage customer acquisition which is the ultimate goal of our lead generation services in Dubai. This investment could be beneficial for firms trying to stand out in today’s competitive market. 

Spending on several factors, the time it takes to produce leads through various channels can vary greatly. The characteristics of the channel, your target market, the effectiveness of marketing plans, and the quality of your products all matter. A summary of some of the lead generation timelines is given here:

  • Organic Search: Getting a lead with organic search engine optimization (SEO) typically takes time.
  • Paid Advertising: Social media advertising and Google ads both offer quick results. You may start producing leads with carefully created campaigns and optimised landing pages in days or weeks.


  • Social media marketing: The time required to establish a social media presence and generate leads varies. The factors, including your audience size and engagement, the quality of your content, and the success of your social media marketing strategies, are all part of it. Building a solid audience and producing steady leads could take weeks or months.
  • Content Marketing:  It requires regular production of valuable content, search engine optimization, and promotion through various channels. Building an audience and seeing meaningful lead-generating outcomes could take a few months.

Numerous criteria include lead generation rates, cost per lead, lead quality, conversion rates, and customer acquisition costs. By monitoring and examining these indicators, you can refine your tactics, spot potential areas of development, and increase the return on return on investment(ROI)  of your lead generation initiatives. The effectiveness and long-term effects of B2B lead generation tactics can also be determined by monitoring metrics like lead quality, lead engagement, and customer lifetime value. Insightful information about the general effectiveness and customer-centricity of B2C lead generation operations is also provided by other metrics including customer acquisition cost, customer retention rate, and customer satisfaction scores.

Salespeople, Sales Development Representatives(SDRs), or Business Development Representatives (BDRs) engage potential consumers who may need to be aware of your product or services through outbound lead generation. The objectives include Finding businesses that need your offering, educating them, and creating interest in your goods or services. 

Developing relationships with leads and assisting them as they move through the sales funnel are both parts of lead nurturing. Customised email campaigns, targeted content, and ongoing communication can do this. Building trust and raising the possibility of conversion can be facilitated by providing appropriate data, addressing their problems, and offering solutions.

  • To build your professional network and produce high-quality leads, LinkedIn provides various efficient lead-generating strategies. Mentioned below are some techniques it is possible:


  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimised to highlight your experience.


  • Actively participate in relevant LinkedIn groups by posting insightful content., contributing to discussions, etc., to establish yourself as a thought leader in the field. 


  • Use LinkedIn’s broad search filters, whether based on industry, job title, or location, to locate and connect with your target audience.


  • Publishing and sharing relevant articles and posts that can aid in building your credibility and drawing the attention of potential clients.


  • Using LinkedIn advertising platforms. 
  • Reaching out to prospects through direct mail.

The brand and product are typically unknown when a business initialises a new product or service. Demand generation raises awareness of new products or services. This makes people want to study more and become excited about your offering. As information about your product or services grows, the marketing or sales team can take the initiative to convert the developing prospect into leads. Demand generation and lead generation are different, while your lead generation efforts can benefit from demand generation.

A sales development playbook is a roadmap sales development reps use to get through the difficult work to generate qualified leads. The ramp-up time of new workers can be shortened, which could improve consistency and productivity across the team.

The total Addressable Market or TAM is the overall market demand for your product or services. All viable businesses that might purchase your goods and services must be found to define and grow your TAM for lead generation or ABM program. Your target account data will only be accurate if your TAM is clearly defined.

Lead generation experts use inbound and outbound techniques to interact with qualified prospects on multiple channels. The next step is to nurture them to develop a sales pipeline to turn them into paying customers. Lead generation has the power to revolutionise the enterprise.

The journey that a person takes, from when you give them their information to when they make a purchase, is a lead generation funnel. This must be clearly defined because 50% of the customers won’t be ready to purchase at initial contact. The lead generation funnel lays out a route to lead them there.

The common thread running through the lead-generating funnel is the content—your content, whether it’s a blog. An e-book or a case study will be the instrument that converts leads into prospects and, ultimately, into customers. Segmentation is key. Determine someone’s stage in the purchasing process using your material, and then offer them unique content specially to their needs. Timely deliverance of content can solve the issues with your lead. 

Chatbots can be a helpful tool for client engagement and lead creation. Here are some tips for making the most of chatbots.

  •  Lead qualification
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Personalised conversions
  • Lead generation and development
  • Customer Inquiries
  • Data collection and analytics

Split Testing, sometimes called A/B testing, is a valuable lead-generation technique that enhances tactics and campaigns. You must create numerous variations of each to identify whether multiple versions of your content, landing pages, or advertisements problems better. 

Initially, specify your objectives and key performance indicators(KPIs)  for gauging the success of each. Secondly, test one component at a time, like headlines, call-to-action buttons, or graphics, to precisely measure the effects of certain adjustments. Thirdly, try each option simultaneously and with a large sample size to prevent other influencers from skewing the results. Lately, analyse the data collected and iterate based on the insights gained to continually improve your lead generation efforts.

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