UAE-based digital marketing companies usually base their fees on a number of variables, including the agency’s reputation, degree of experience, and service offerings.  Wide ranges of price models are possible; they include performance-based models, project-based fees, and fixed monthly retainers. 


Hiring digital marketing agencies in the UAE typically costs a few thousand dirhams per month for basic services like email marketing or social media management. It can increase significantly for more comprehensive packages that include SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, and more sophisticated tactics. This blog will provide you with additional information on the topic.

Regular Monthly Retention Costs

The monthly fees that digital marketing agencies in the United Arab Emirates charge for their services often fall between AED 3,000 and AED 50,000. Mentioned below are the factors that influence deciding the cost of a digital marketing agency:  


  • The size of the agency
  • Variety of services.
  • The client’s business’s industry and scale
  • Including reporting and analytics
  • Sector and company size
Regular Monthly Cost | Digital Marketing Agencies Charge in UAE

This pie chart makes it clear that there are many variables to take into account when determining the price of a digital marketing firm in Dubai, in addition to the basic service. It demonstrates that, at 30%, the agency’s size is the largest cost factor for digital marketing agencies in Dubai. At 25%, variety of services ranks second, ahead of office space (10%), marketing automation (15%), and employee compensation (20%).In summary, the distribution of cost elements for digital marketing agencies in Dubai is shown in this chart. This could vary as per the information mentioned above.

Hourly Fees Structure

Hourly Fees Structure | Digital Marketing Charges in the UAE

The hourly fee structure is a payment model commonly utilized by digital marketing agencies in Dubai, UAE. Under this arrangement, clients are billed based on the number of hours spent on their projects by the agency’s team members. This approach offers flexibility to both the agency and the client, allowing for more precise billing according to the actual time and resources invested in each project. Hourly rates can vary depending on factors such as the expertise of the team members involved and the complexity of the tasks being undertaken. 


AED 200- 400 AED for entry-level associates, 400 -.800 AED for mid-level, and 800-1500 AED per hour for senior consultants.


In the context of digital marketing, hourly charging frequently includes a range of customized initiatives. These consist of early strategy and roadmap consultations to launch successful marketing initiatives, as well as one-time website audits and advice targeted at optimizing online visibility. 


In order to facilitate flexible cooperation and brainstorming, creative campaign development services are also frequently invoiced on an hourly basis. Furthermore, specialized analytics reporting is normally charged on an hourly basis and offers insightful data on the effectiveness of campaigns.


 In order to maintain accountability and transparency in project costs, specialized SEM/SEO projects, which concentrate on increasing search engine exposure and generating targeted traffic, are often organized around hourly charges.

Performance Driven Remuneration

It takes careful planning and alignment with the goals and values of the organization to implement a performance-driven compensation system. Digital Marketing Agencies Charge in the UAE, offering performance-based commissions in place of fees or monthly retainers.

  • Some agencies charge almost  20% or less of total ad spend on PPC and social media.
  • Payment from businesses is received when a qualified prospect is acquired, ie cost per lead
  • There is a predetermined fee for each conversion, like buying or enrolling.  i.e., CPA, which can be between AED 300-1500+.

In conclusion, not every company can follow a fixed price plan due to the dynamic nature of the industry. Pricing structures and their advantages become more apparent to agencies and their clients as the market grows. 


As a result, businesses must carefully compare different services and bargain for rates that fit their unique requirements, objectives, and budgetary constraints. By establishing a cooperative and beneficial connection, this strategy ensures the best possible results for all parties involved, including businesses and digital marketing agencies. Zenerom could act as your go-to partner in any company endeavor, providing direction and support all along the way.