It’s difficult to have an SEO talk without the term “backlinks” popping up. It was all about numbers in the early days of Google’s ranking system. The higher your website’s ranking, the more backlinks it has. As a result, SEOs would go to great lengths to increase the number of links pointing to their sites. Thankfully, the sector has progressed since then. The importance of backlinks has been changing as Google’s algorithm has gotten more “intelligent.”


Building backlinks is now a highly complex process in which quantity does not matter nearly any more than quality. The quality of a single backlink determines how important it is. Backlinks of poor quality can harm your website’s ranking in the SERPs. High-quality backlinks, on the other hand, are highly sought after. A high-quality backlink is one that comes from a reputable source, such as the New York Times or comparable newspapers. Likewise, backlinks websites are often thought to be more strong than those websites.


Is it possible to achieve good rankings without backlinks?

This is a feeling that every entrepreneur has had at some point. Backlinks are still essential to score well in the SERPs the great majority of the time. However, there are two situations in which it is feasible to score highly without any of these backlinks. One is when your website targets exceptionally unique search terms or is in a very particular, reduced niche. When there is hardly any competition for a keyword, ranking well becomes considerably easy. Secondly, single pages can rank well enough without backlinks if the domain has a strong backlink profile but is already recognized by Google as an authority.


Even so, the earlier situation occurs infrequently, and the latter necessitates a large number of backlinks, to begin with, so it’s a pointless question. Talk with the SEO consultant Dubai to know the best practices required for your business.


Backlinks: obtaining and spreading

Off-site SEO is incomplete without backlinks. Link building or link development is the way of obtaining such links. By definition, some backlinks are more beneficial than others. Backlinks from well-known, high-authority sites are the most desirable, whilst backlinks from low-quality, potentially fraudulent sites are on the other end of the scale. Despite the fact that whether or not a link is visited is vital, don’t discount the value of unfollowing links. Being included on high-quality websites may aid in the growth of your business.


The worth of links you generate to other sites varies, just as certain backlinks are more beneficial than others. When linking out to an external site, the anchor text you use, as well as whether you wish to reciprocate or unfollow the link, can have a big impact on the value you pass on.


Backlink analysis of competitors

Backlinks can take a long time to build. When it comes to link building, new sites or those growing their keyword footprint might struggle to identify where to begin. This is where competitive backlink analysis comes into play: You can learn about the link building that assists a competitor who is already performing well for your target keywords by looking at their backlink profile (the group of sites and URLs referring to a website). Link Explorer, a backlink tool, will assist you to find these links so you may target those domains around your own link-building operations.


Do you want to increase the number of backlinks to your website?

Building a few backlinks, especially one or two high-quality backlinks, is usually not difficult. However, obtaining the type of backlink profile necessary to reach that top SERP position might be quite tough.


Backlinks are something we at Zenerom are well-versed with. Our team of SEO services Dubai has years of expertise in establishing backlinks for customers, and we’d be delighted to do so for you. We live what we speak, and our own website is proof of our link-building abilities. We know what it would take to offer your website a significant boost in search engine rankings.


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