Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a free service that allows businesses to list information on their address, products, and services on Google. A Google Business Profile can improve local SEO and enhance a business’s presence on Google Maps. To use this feature, a company must have a physical location where it offers services.

A Google Business Profile allows you to appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping, which increases your visibility across all Google services. Simply put, it directs potential customers to your business when searching for goods and benefits comparable to yours in your neighborhood and makes it easier for them to find you.

It also increases online traffic to your company, boosts local SEO, and enables consumers to submit reviews, which is a practical approach to establishing credibility and trust. Many business owners expand the range of services they offer by adding new types of business, such as dentists offering services like teeth whitening, orthodontics, and implants.

Since there are numerous such businesses and there can only be a single primary category, Google allows each business owner to add additional classes to their Google business profile.

One of the essential components of the entire process of raising your business profile’s online exposure is routinely monitoring its visibility and reacting to changes. You must know how your business and rivals will respond to your adjustments.

The ideal course of action would be for you to also respond promptly to the moves made by your competitors, who will be trying their hardest to surpass you and put you far behind in the Google search results. To get more information visit the SEO company Dubai.

The best ways to improve your Google Business Profile

1. Business Name

It is important to properly optimize your company’s title on Google, as it is one of the most important ranking factors and can significantly improve your company’s visibility on the platform. A compelling title can also increase the number of clicks on your company’s profile, as it is the first thing customers will see in Google search results.


For example, if you offer SEO services in Dubai, you should include the keyword “SEO Services Dubai” in your title to attract customers searching for those services in that location.

2. Complete your profile

Businesses with complete and accurate information are simpler to match with the appropriate searches, and local search results prefer the most relevant search results. Make sure Google knows your activities, location, and visiting hours.


And be sure your information is complete, accurate, and current. The details you gave on your Google Business Profile must match those on your website perfectly. You must have a Google account to build a Google “My Business” page listing and utilize the full range of free features Google offers.

3. Include pictures and videos of your business.

You can upload pictures and videos of your workplace, shop, restaurant, staff members, and other objects. Users may learn more about your company through photos, including how it looks and who works there; photos are a rating element. It’s essential to remember to add a few unique photographs to your company’s Google page and continue adding photos over time.


Your company will be more widely known to internet users, and more people will choose to take advantage of your service as more attractive and relevant images are added to your Google profile. Remember to include the cover photo as well.

4. Add key terms to your profile.

To improve your company’s visibility on Google and Google Maps, you should consider using essential keywords, such as “dentist New York,” “dental clinic New York,” and “implant New York,” if you are a dentist in New York. Keyword research can be time-consuming, but it is essential to include the keywords that customers use to search for the goods and services you offer in your business description.


It is necessary to refrain from forcing keywords or using them in a way that feels unnatural. For example, suppose you are a social media marketing company in Dubai. In that case, you should include the keyword “social media marketing companies in Dubai in a natural way in your business description.


After selecting your keywords, you should find out how visible your company location is in local searches, who your biggest rivals are, and how many competitors you have to outrank. You can do this manually by visiting Google and entering your keywords one at a time into the browser. Then, go to the local pack view and search for your company in the sea of rival websites.

5. Encourage your clients to provide your company with genuine feedback.

Business reviews are one crucial aspect when it comes to boosting a company’s online visibility and authority. Unfortunately, many business owners claim that they need more control over the frequency or nature of reviews in their business listings, which is only partially accurate. You have control over the reviews you submit and the information they contain on your company’s Google page, which will increase internet visibility for your firm and build client confidence.


Remember to respond to those reviews as well. Try to use longer sentences in your responses as well. You can modify or make additional response templates to the premade ones you already have.

6. Utilize Google My Business Messages to interact with your clients.

Through the app, select Customers, followed by Messages, and then Turn on to enable this function. Once enabled, customers can contact businesses through their business profiles using the Message button.

7. Use Unique characteristics and qualities.

Depending on your selected category, Google business accounts have access to remarkable capabilities. Hotels, for instance, can show class rankings, sustainability policies, highlights, check-in and check-out times, and facilities; restaurants and bars can upload menus, images of popular dishes, and health insurance information; and U.S.


Healthcare providers can do the same. Businesses can choose from various buttons depending on their categories, such as buttons for orders, reservations, and appointment bookings.